About TalkSi

About TalkSi


The process of registering and receiving TalkSi (Self-study package):


  1. Step one

If you have your user name and password, click on “Log in”. Otherwise, you must enter a username and choose a password and then click on “Register”.

After registration, you fill out an application form including personal details, contact details, language ability and …)


  1. Step Two

Take a free placement test, which consists of 120 multiple-choice questions. You have about 40 minutes to finish the test.


  1. Step Three

After the level is determined, you are allowed to buy your package online. TalkSi self-study package contains five levels (A1, A2, B1, B1+, and B2). You have 45-60 days for studying each package.


  1. Step Four

Your package consists of:

  • A downloadable PDF file
  • Audio and video files (scripts)
  • Self-assessment tests


  1. Step Five

At the end, you must reserve your final exam by selecting the date. Remember that if you fail or miss the reserved exam, you can retake it by paying 5.000 T.


  1. Step Six

You can participate in our Teacher Training Course and take Cambridge and Pearson Tests if you receive a B2 certificate.

Remember that you get 10% off if you pass your final exam. Moreover, you get a special discount if you pass with distinction.